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Numero Uno!

So, I enter the bloggosphere. This is (obviously) the first post, of my very first blog. 
‘What should we expect?’ I hear you cry!

Well, it’s predominantly about my life as a final year university student trying to go into the big wide world, updates in science and explaining away and mistakes the media will inevitably make and finally, bit of a change, my reviews of books/films or anything else I find noteworthy.

It may not end up being as neat and tidy as that but I will give it a good go 🙂 (Also, apologies, I do have something of a problem with smilies, asides and exclamations.)

Oh yes- how could I forget! There will also be reposts of animal* pics I find on the internet. They make me happy, sorry if it’s already overdone online. I don’t care ^^

So, the next post will actually *be* on something, I’m feeling my first review post coming on…exciting isn’t it?

Til next time!


Comments on: "Numero Uno!" (1)

  1. Can’t wait to read more 🙂 xxxx

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